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Enter 1, 2 or 3 tags. Tag is just part of file name and path for music you want to listen separated by space. To configure, edit the script.

Usage: playthis.sh [options] tag1 tag2 tag3

  Shuffle mode

  Play all music in $PLAYTHISDB in shuffle mode

  Search for music to create playlist

  Copy music to /home/user/.playthis/filldir

  Prints this message

% playthis.sh stones satisfaction
% playthis.sh -shuffle primal scream

  Music locations. (default: $HOME/music1, $HOME/music2)
  BE CAREFUL: if you have spaces in music locations -- instance them with "?".
  If you don't need second music location, leave NONE.

  Where to store playlist. (default: $HOME/.playthislist)

Download current version (1.2)

Current version 1.2, pretty stable with mplayer. I’m not really sure about MPD. Other options also should work good. Anyway You should try it and post any comments or errors.

Old versions:
download version 1.0

In the future I’m going to add:
• add –list-entry option;
• add “less” view (list view of tags with less) or maybe as option cat it to file;
• add –filldevice (or something like this) to future config. will interact as command in commas what do everything to mount, initialize, copy, unmount etc with your player (special case — ipod);
• add integration with gnupod;

Futher future:
• add something like smart playlists in (option) interactive mode;


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